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Time and Location

Lecture:  Monday/Friday,  1:00 - 1:50 PM,  Cordley 3121

Laboratory: Monday/Friday, 2:00 - 3:50 PM, Cordley 1064

Instructor Richard Halse
Office: Cordley 1044
Phone: 541-737-2378
Office hours Monday/Friday 11:00 - 12:00 Noon, or by appointment
Course objectives This class is designed to introduce the student to the terminology. taxonomy, and classification systems involved in the identification and study of grasses.
Required Text Barkworth, M., et al (eds). 2007. Manual of Grasses for North America, Utah State Universsity Press
Format There will be two one-hour lectures each week followed by a two-hour laboratory period.  Regular attendance in both lecture and laboratory is expected.  Failure to do so will undoubtedly affect the amount you learn and your examination performance.
 Examinations and grading

There will be one lecture mid-term and a comprehensive final exam over lecture material. There will be several laboratory quizzes during the term, pus a laboratory final exam.

There will be a total of 400 possible points in the class for those taking BOT 414. The point distribution will be as follows:

100 points - lecture mid-term
150 points - lecture final
90 Points - laboratory final
60 points - laboraotry quizzes

Letter grades will be assigned based on the following point distribution:

400-360 = A
359-320 = B
319-280 = C
279-240 = D
239-0 = F

Plus and minus scores for each letter grade will be assigned somewhere within the numerical range given above.

Those sudents taking BOT 514 are required to write a term paper, which will be worth 50 points.  Other students in the class may write a term paper if they desire.  For those students writing a term paper the following point distribution for grades will be used:

450-405 = A
404-360 = B
359-315 = C
314-270 = D
269-0 = F

Plus and minus scores for each letter grade will be assigned somewhere within the numerical range given above.

 Syllabus with links to additional information
 Reading list Books on reserve in Valley Library:

Booth, W. Edwin.  1964.  Agrostology.  Montana State College, Bozeman. QK495 G74 B6

Chapman, G.P. and W.E. Peat.  1992.  An Introduction to the Grasses.  CAB International. Wallingford, U.K.  QK495 G74 C421

Gould, F.W. and R.B. Shaw.  1983.  Grass Systematics.  2nd edition.  Texas A. & M.  University Press, College Station.  QK 495 G74 G725

Jones, C.A.  1985.  C4 Grasses and Cereals.  John Wiley & Sons.  New York.  QK495 G74 J66

Younger, V.B. and C.M. McKell.  1972.  The Biology and Utilization of Grasses.  Academic Press, New York.  QK495 G74 B46

 Reading assignments  
 BOT 514 Term paper  
Students with Disabilities

Students with documented disabilities who may need accommodations, who have any emergency medical information the instructor should know of, or who need special arrangements in the event of evacuation, should make an appointment with the instructor as early as possible, no later than the first week of the term.

    Alternative Testing: Providing alternative testing is a collaborative effort between SSD and Faculty. SSD provides proctoring of exams for students with documented disabilities. The proctoring service is designed to ensure that appropriate accommodations are provided and to assist the faculty in administering required examinations and quizzes. Faculty are not required to utilize SSD’s services as long as the necessary accommodations are provided. Students should notify Faculty at least one week in advance of the test.