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Philip B. Hamm

Philip Hamm

Extension Plant Pathologist
Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center

Professor, Emeritus
M.S., 1991, Oregon State University, Corvallis


Office/Lab: Hermiston AREC
Phone:541-567-8321Ext. 110










Research Area

Identification and control of diseases impacting vegetable and seed crops; understanding impacts to soilborne pathogens following fumigation; diseases caused by Phytophthora sp.; Identification and control of Potato diseases.

Description of Research

Virus, nematodes and fungal pathogens are responsible for extensive losses in the important vegetable growing region of the Columbia Basin in northeast Oregon and eastern Washington. My research is centered around the identification of the specific pathogens and understanding their lifecycle and then their control through cultural manipulation and/or through chemical and biotechnical methods.

Research Group Members

Graduate Student

Sarah Light

Faculty Research Assistants/Associates

Robert Cating

Biological Aid

Javier Almaguer

The Plant Clinic at Hermiston

Program Manager: Philip Hamm
Laboratory Manager: Robert Cating

The plant clinic in Hermiston provides disease diagnosis and recommendations for disease prevention and control to county extension agents, growers, agricultural consultants, agricultural companies, and home owners in North central & Northeast Oregon and elsewhere. The clinic also provides a fee testing service for many virus diseases and soilborne fungi. Call for details: 541-567-8321

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