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Everett Hansen

Everett Hansen

Professor, Emeritus
Ph.D., 1972, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Office/Lab: Cordley 1086/1085
Phone: 541-737-5243/5242


Research Area

Forest pathology, the biology and management of forest tree diseases; population biology of forest fungi; ecology, taxonomy and phylogenetics of Phytophthora.

Description of Research

I am retired, (and not taking new graduate students,) but the lab is still active, and my research interests continue, addressing both immediate forest management issues and fundamental questions of pathogen biology.  

  •  Work with laminated root rot caused by Phellinus weirii,  includes long-term studies of silvicultural strategies to lessen economic impacts of this widespread native disease of Douglas-fir, as well as ecological investigations of the roles the pathogen plays in determining forest structure and function in wild forests. 
  •  Root rot of Port Orford cedar (Phytophthora lateralis) is an introduced disease, spread in water and by human activity.  We support an intensive management effort by Federal land management agencies to limit the further spread of the pathogen and restore cedar on affected sites. Much of our effort is focused on breeding for resistance, and developing the biological basis for deployment strategies to use the resistant stock that is increasingly available from the program. 
  •  Sudden Oak Death (Phytophthora ramorum) is new in the west, devastating in California and localy destructive in Oregon.  This state has responded with an eradication effort that so far, is keeping the disease in check.  We support the eradication program by providing diagnostic and survey methods including molecular probes for the pathogen. Our research aims to clarify epidemiology in Oregon forests using molecular population genetics, spore trapping, and host range studies. Intriguingly, P. ramorum and P. lateralis are very closely related. 
  • Another avenue of research explores the evolutionary biology of Phytophthora species, especially the many new species we are discovering in Oregon forests and around the world.

Research Group Members

Faculty Research Assistants/Associates

Wendy Sutton
Paul Reeser

Graduate Students

No more students!

Hansen Lab Group
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Recent Graduate Theses

Robin Mulvey, MS, 2010, Castilleja and Pedicularis are confirmed as telial hosts for white pine blister rust in whitebark pine ecosystems of Oregon and Washington

Sarah Navarro, MS, 2013, Pathogenicity of Phytophthora Species from Oregon Waterways

Laura Sims, PhD, 2014 Phytophthora Species and Riparian Alder Tree Damage in Western Oregon.

Joey Hulbert, MS, 2014. Boron to limit transport of Phytophthora ramorum in Douglas-fir logs.

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Recent Publications

E.M. Hansen, Paul Reeser, and Wendy Sutton. 2012. Phytophthora Beyond Agriculture. Ann. Rev. Phytopath. 10.1146/annurev-phyto-081211-172946

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