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Achala Nepal KC


Assistant Professor,
Ph.D. 2013, North Dakota State University


Office/Lab: Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center, Central Point, Oregon

Phone: 541-772-5165 ext. 222

Research Areas

Tree fruit and wine grape pathology.

Description of Research

Develop a progressive applied research and educational outreach program that will address emerging diseases in horticultural crops (tree fruits and wine grapes) in Southern Oregon. The plant pathology research program at SOREC is focused on integrated management of tree fruits and wine grapes diseases in Southern Oregon. Primary tree fruit crops grown in this area consist of pears and wine grapes. The research areas include basic and applied plant pathology such as isolation and culture of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, and viruses; identification of pathogenic microorganisms by using basic morphological and/or advanced molecular techniques; research on the management of identified plant diseases using chemical, biological, and/or cultural control practices; epidemiology of disease development including disease progress over time, environmental factors affecting disease epidemics, disease spread patterns and dynamics etc.

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