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Oregon Wildflower Identification at Your Fingertips

The Oregon Flora Project at Oregon State and High Country Apps have co-produced the new Oregon Wildflowers plant identification app for iOS and Android mobile devices. The app provides photographs, range maps, bloom periods, and descriptions of> 940 wildflowers, shrubs and vines that occur in Oregon.

Oregon Wildflowers is designed for plant enthusiasts and experienced botanists. Each of the 947 plants profiled has multiple photographs, distribution maps and a detailed description. Detailed information about ecoregions, plant families and general botany is provided. The majority of species included are native; introduced species common to regions are also included.

The app's identification key interface allows users to select from twelve illustrated categories: geographic region, type of plant (e.g., wildflower, vine, shrub), flower features (flower color, number of petals, inflorescence shape, flowering month), leaf features (arrangement on plant, leaf type, leaf shape, leaf margin), plant size, and habitat.

The Oregon Wildflowers app is available at Amazon, Apple and Google app store. It is compatible with all Android devices, Kindle Fire, iPhones, and iPads. A portion of the revenues from the app supports conservation and botanical exploration in the region. Visit www.highcountryapps.com for purchase information.

Once downloaded, the app does not need an internet or network connection to run so you can use it no matter how remote your wanderings take you.

The Oregon Flora Project is preparing a comprehensive Flora of Oregon; Volume 1 will be published in 2015. The Oregon Wildflowers app presents a subset of this information formatted for mobile devices and easily mastered by a wide audience. Visit the Oregon Flora Project website www.oregonflora.org for additional information about all of Oregon's 4,560 vascular plants.

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