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The Flora of Oregon, Volume 1, now available

The Oregon Flora Project (www.oregonflora.org)  is pleased to announce that the illustrated Volume 1 of the Flora of Oregon is now available! Volume 1 of the 3-volume set covers the ferns and fern allies, gymnosperms, and monocots--23% (1,054 taxa) of all native and naturalized vascular plants of our state. Each taxon description is accompanied by a distribution dot map, and there are pen and ink illustrations of 521 taxa, including 86 new works by artist John Myers.

There are five introductory chapters. The "Ecology of Oregon" chapter describes the state's 11 ecoregions and predominant habitats. A complementary chapter describes 50 sites--organized by ecoregion--to explore; these are accompanied by 73 beautiful color photographs. Additional chapters address Oregon's botanical history, the history of the Oregon Flora Project, and conventions used within the Flora of Oregon series. Appendices emphasize plant taxa of interest to conservationists:  rare and endangered species, endemics, taxa limited to a single ecoregion, and those not collected during the previous 50 years.

Valuable to ecologists, land managers, native plant gardeners, and explorers of all stripes, this beautiful book is the first flora for our state in over 50 years.

Specifications:  7.5” x 10.5” hardback, 608 pp., 520+ b/w illustrations, 1000+ distribution maps, 73 natural landscape color photos.  $75. Order online at shop.brit.org; copies also available for purchase in 1048 Cordley.