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Jeremiah Dung Receives Early Career Award from APS Pacific Division

Dr. Dung, a native of Spokane, WA, received his Ph.D. in plant pathology from
Washington State University in 2012 followed by a post doc at Oregon State University in Hermiston, OR. He is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Botanyand Plant Pathology at Oregon State University and is located at the Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center, Madras,OR. Research contributions include the characterization of Verticillium wilt epidemiology in potato and mint and the development of integrated pest management approaches for ergot in grass seed. Dr. Dung is currently developing methods to detect, quantify, and identify Verticillium dahliae in soil and collaborating with scientists to understand the molecular genetic basis of mint susceptibility to Verticillium wilt. Dr. Dung has been an exceptionally productive young scientist with numerous journal publications and technical reports. Dr.Dung has an extension appointment and has produced several extension publications and has extended his research findings to growers through extension oral presentations.