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Pat's last lecture was in BI 301, Human Impacts on Ecosystems, a synthesis Baccalaureate Core Course in Contemporary Global Issues that she has taught for 25 years and was the first course at OSU for which she was wholly responsible. Over the years, her inspirational and exceptional teaching has impacted the lives of more than 15,500 students, and has been recognized by many awards including the Elizabeth Ritchie Distinguished Professor Award, Dar Reese Excellence in Advising Award, and the Carter Award for Outstanding and Inspirational Teaching (selected by students). Most recently she won the Family Friendly Faculty Award (also selected by students) for providing exemplary support to an OSU student parent and furthering the students’ success at OSU and beyond.

Pat has served as Director of the Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Program, and as advisor in the Biology Program. She has served as major professor for 20 graduate students.

As for retirement, Pat says she is "looking forward to being in charge of my own time, not always trying to do more than one thing at once or rushing through things, and to learning what Pat Muir wants to do when she gets up in the morning!   Gardening, hiking, doing volunteer work…." What will she miss? "What I’ll miss most is interacting with those undergrads who are really engaged with their learning – and “hooking” some who didn’t start out that way.  Grading is what I’ll miss least!"

Pat will be greatly missed by her colleagues in BPP and also by her students and colleagues across campus. We wish her a fantastic retirement!