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Outstanding Achievement Award for Maryna Serdani

The Director of the Western Plant Diagnostic Network, Rick Bostock, presented the award with the following recognition:

Maryna SerdaniMaryna is being recognized for her general support for the NPDN and specifically for her exceptional talent in recognizing and rapidly identifying plant pests, diseases and weeds detected in Oregon and neighboring states.

In the three years at the Oregon State University, Plant Clinic, Maryna has identified 9 first reports…

1. Walnut twig beetle (P. juglandis) on white walnut in OR (first host report).

2. Geosmithia morbida on white walnut in OR (first host report).

3. Colletotrichum phormii on Phormium cookianum – CA (first confirmed US report).

4. Peronospora belbahrii on basil (first report for OR).

5. Eriophyes canestrinii (Boxwood bud mite) on Buxus sempervirens (first report for OR).

6. Ribgrass mosaic virus on Iberis – first report for WA.

7. Verticillium dahliae on peppermint – first report for UT.

8. Aspergillus niger (Aspergillus vine canker) on winegrape – first report for WA.

9. Rhodococcus fascians on Calendula – CA (first host report).

Maryna has made great contributions to the Western Plant Diagnostic Network and NPDN, she participates in national activities, and she was first to recognize a false positive report caused by a cross reaction with a previously untested host.

Maryna developed an innovative loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay for Rhodococcus fascians, which was presented in the bacteriology training workshop held at the 3rd National Meeting.

For all her contributions to diagnostics and the NPDN, Maryna is receiving recognition for her efforts!