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Department Head
Lynda M. Ciuffetti Plant Genetics, Fungal Pathogen Interactions ciuffetl@science.oregonstate.edu
Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty 
Jeff Anderson Plant-Microbe Interactions Jeff.Anderson@science.oregonstate.edu
Daniel J. Arp Bacterial Physiology and Biochemistry dan.j.arp@oregonstate.edu
Michael Behrenfeld Marine Algae behrenfm@science.oregonstate.edu
Posy E. Busby Fungal Ecology posy.busby@oregonstate.edu
Jeff Chang Microbial Genomics changj@science.oregonstate.edu
Valerian V. Dolja Plant Virology doljav@science.oregonstate.edu
Jeremiah Dung Plant Pathology jeremiah.dung@oregonstate.edu
John Fowler Plant cell biology and development fowlerj@science.oregonstate.edu
Kenneth Frost Plant Pathology kenneth.frost@oregonstate.edu
Richard R. Halse Plant Taxonomy halser@science.oregonstate.edu
Philip B. Hamm Plant Pathology Philip.B.Hamm@oregonstate.edu
Russell E. Ingham Nematology inghamr@science.oregonstate.edu
Pankaj Jaiswal Comparative genomics and systems biology jaiswalp@science.oregonstate.edu
Kenneth B. Johnson Plant Disease Management johnsonk@science.oregonstate.edu
F. Andrew Jones

Molecular ecology, population ecology, community ecology, tropical ecology.


Achala N. KC Plant Pathology achala.kc@oregonstate.edu
Jared LeBoldus Forest Pathology jared.leboldus@science.oregonstate.edu
Joyce E. Loper Plant Pathology and Biological Control loperj@science.oregonstate.edu
Aaron I. Liston Plant Systematics listona@science.oregonstate.edu
Bruce McCune Lichenology, computational biology, and plant ecology Bruce.McCune@science.oregonstate.edu
Peter McEvoy Ecology of invasive plant species in the Pacific Northwest, plant-insect interactions, biological control of weeds mcevoyp@science.oregonstate.edu
Molly Megraw Systems Biology megrawm@science.oregonstate.edu
Christopher C. Mundt Plant Disease Epidemiology/Population Genetics mundtc@science.oregonstate.edu
Cynthia M. Ocamb Diagnosis and Disease Management ocambc@science.oregonstate.edu
Jay W. Pscheidt Extension Plant Pathology pscheidj@science.oregonstate.edu
Melodie Putnam Plant Disease Diagnostics putnamm@science.oregonstate.edu
Carol J. Rivin Molecular Genetics and Development rivinc@science.oregonstate.edu
Luisa Santamaria Extension Nursery Specialist luisa.santamaria@oregonstate.edu
Joseph W. Spatafora Mycology spatafoj@science.oregonstate.edu
Brett Tyler Systems biology of infectious disease, principally regarding oomycete pathogens of plants Brett.Tyler@oregonstate.edu
Thomas J. Wolpert Plant Disease Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  wolpertt@science.oregonstate.edu  
Marc Curtis Plant biology, physiology, cell and molecular biology, evolution curtism@science.oregonstate.edu
Melanie Link-Pérez Plant Systematics melanie.link-perez@oregonstate.edu
Senior Research Faculty 
Sergei Filichkin Plant genomics filichks@onid.orst.edu
Aymeric Goyer Plant biochemistry and metabolism aymeric.goyer@oregonstate.edu
Jason Graff Phytoplankton ecology jrgraff@science.oregonstate.edu
Linda Hardison Oregon Flora Project hardisol@science.oregonstate.edu
Hans Luh Simulation modeling, database design and management luhh@science.oregonstate.edu
Allen J. Milligan Algal Physiology and Biochemistry; Oceanography allen.milligan@science.oregonstate.edu
Sushma Naithani Systems biology and genomics naithans@science.oregonstate.edu
Jennifer L. Parke Plant Pathology and Plant-Soil Microbe Interactions Jennifer.Parke@oregonstate.edu
Luis Sayavedra-Soto Molecular Biology sayavedl@science.oregonstate.edu
Jeffrey K. Stone Mycology stonej@science.oregonstate.edu
Toby Westberry Marine algae westbert@science.oregonstate.edu
Courtesy, Adjunct & Affiliated Faculty 
James Carrington RNA-mediated regulation and silencing of genomes, genes and viruses  jcarrington@danforthcenter.org
Richard Cronn Plant population genetics rcronn@fs.fed.us
Michael Freitag Epigenomics; Heterochromatin; Centromeres; Gene Silencing; Fungi freitagm@cgrb.oregonstate.edu
David Gent Plant Pathology gentd@onid.orst.edu
Fritzi Grevstad Biological control of weeds Fritzi.Grevstad@science.oregonstate.edu
Niklaus J. Grunwald Plant Pathology grunwaln@science.oregonstate.edu
Gayle Hansen Marine Phycology hansen.gayle@epa.gov
Thomas Kaye Plant conservation management tom@appliedeco.org
Mary Kentula Wetland monitoring and assessment kentula.mary@epa.gov
Walter F. Mahaffee Plant Pathology, Epidemiology and Biocontrol mahaffew@science.oregonstate.edu
Robert R. Martin Plant Virology


Robert J. Meinke Plant Conservation Biology meinker@science.oregonstate.edu
David Pyke Plant Population Biology and Ecology david_a_pyke@usgs.gov
Jay R. Reichman Ecology, Molecular Genetics and Evolutionary Biology reichman.jay@epa.gov
Gar W. Rothwell Organismal Botany, Paleontology, Evolution and Phylogeny rothwelg@science.oregonstate.edu
Ruth A. Stockey Paleobotany stockeyr@science.oregonstate.edu
Virginia O. Stockwell Plant Pathology stockwev@science.oregonstate.edu
James M. Trappe Mycology trappej@fsl.orst.edu
Jerry Weiland Soilborne pathogens of the ornamental nursery industry Jerry.Weiland@ars.usda.gov
Inga Zasada Nematology Inga.Zasada@ars.usda.gov