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David Gent

Dave Gent Associate Professor (Courtesy),
Ph.D., 2004, Colorado State University


Office/Lab: USDA/Forage Seed and Cereal Research Unit

Research Area

Integrated pest management; disease epidemiology, ecology, and management

Description of Research

Our research centers around better understanding the epidemiology and biology of downy mildew and powdery mildew diseases to develop integrated management systems that reduce crop losses and chemical inputs.  Our research has both basic and applied aspects, and utilizes a variety of approaches including field, lab, greenhouse, and growth chamber experiments and statistical modeling, depending on the research question being addressed.  Most of our work is conducted on hop, although I maintain active collaborations with other researchers in the U.S. and Australia on other crops.  On hop, our current research efforts involve characterizing ontogenic resistance to powdery mildew (Podosphaera macularis) in hop cones and its implications for disease prediction and management; clarifying the overwintering biology of Podosphaera macularis in the Pacific Northwest; and resolving the phylogeny, host range, and diversity of the hop downy mildew pathogen (Pseudoperonospora humuli). 

My lab also provides pathology support for the USDA-ARS hop genetics and breeding program.  We are utilizing genome-wide association approaches to identify genetic regions associated with resistance to hop downy mildew and other traits of economic importance to accelerate development of new cultivars via molecular breeding approaches.

Research Group Members

Faculty Research Assistant/Associates

Nanci Adair
Megan Twomey
Sierra Wolfenbarger
Joanna Woods

Graduate Students


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