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Graduate Requirements

M.S. Programs. A final oral examination is required for the M.S. degree. The examination usually consists of two parts. The first involves a seminar by the candidate, which is followed by a short question-and-answer period. This part of the examination is open to all interested persons. The second part of the examination provides an opportunity for the program committee to question the candidate concerning thesis and/or coursework. This part of the examination is restricted to the examining committee, and is followed by a discussion and vote by the program committee, in the absence of the candidate, concerning the performance of the student. One dissenting vote is allowed for a recommendation of "pass." Generally, two re-examinations are the maximum allowed.

Ph.D. Programs. Doctoral candidates take both a preliminary and a final examination. The preliminary examination consists of both a written and an oral section. The department has adopted specific guidelines for the conduct and evaluation of the written preliminary examination.


  1. Policy on Course Prerequisites
  2. BPP Guidelines for Preparation of Graduate Programs
  3. Core Curriculum in Plant Pathology
  4. Plant Pathology Graduate Curriculum; Schedule of Courses
  5. Departmental Guidelines for the Ph.D. Written Preliminary Examination
  6. Departmental Guidelines for the Ph.D. Oral Preliminary Examination
  7. Thesis Preparation
  8. Regulations Concerning the Thesis for Advanced Degrees
  9. Departmental Guidelines for the Non-Thesis Master’s Option
  10. Teaching Requirement of Ph.D Candidates
  11. Procedures for Requesting Waivers/Substitutions for the Ph.DTeaching Requirement
  12. Guidelines for Granting Waivers/Substitutions of the Ph.D Teaching Requirement
  13. Policy on Annual Graduate Student Reveiw