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This handbook was prepared to assist graduate students who are entering the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at Oregon State University. Here you will find information on services and facilities that are available to you, requirements for the degree programs, and departmental policies pertaining to graduate students. This handbook is not an official document of the University, however, and students are advised to refer to the Oregon State University General Catalog as well as the Oregon State University Graduate School Bulletin for complete information on policies of the University and specific requirements for graduate degrees.

See the OSU website at http://oregonstate.edu, and the Graduate School website at http://oregonstate.edu/dept/grad_school/ especially the "Graduate School Student Survival Guide," which lists important deadlines.

We hope that you will read through this handbook and keep it as a reference to help answer questions you may have during your stay at Oregon State University.

This handbook was prepared with the help of many faculty members and graduate students. The idea for a handbook was initiated by graduate students in the department, and they have assisted in updating this edition. The Graduate Student Association (GSA) will be working with the Graduate Studies Committee each year to update and revise the handbook; therefore, feedback from new graduate students will be especially helpful in order to improve the handbook's usefulness. Please leave a note identifying changes/errors in the mailbox of Dianne Simpson, Graduate Studies Committee Secretary or email her at: simpsond@science.oregonstate.edu.