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Niklaus J. Grunwald

Nik Grunwald Professor (Courtesy),
Ph.D., 1997, University of California, Davis


Faculty of the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing

Office/Lab: USDA Horticultural Crops Research Unit
Phone: 541-738-4049

Research Area

Phytophthora biology and management in nursery crops and ornamentals

Description of Research

Welcome to the Phytophthora research lab in Corvallis, OR. We are primarily interested in the epidemiology, genetics and evolution of exotic and reemerging Phytophthora species with a current emphasis on the sudden oak death pathogen P. ramorum.

The genus Phytophthora contains some of the most destructive plant pathogens affecting agricultural and forest crops. Important examples include P. ramorum, a devastating exotic pathogen causing sudden oak death, and P. infestans, known as the cause of the Irish potato famine.

Much of our work is conducted with a focus on application towards improving disease management in horticultural and ornamental crops.

Research Group Members

Faculty Research Assistants/Associates

Caroline Press
Meg Larsen
Valerie Fieland
Kim Henslee
Karan Fairchild
Kenny Rolfe

Graduate Students

Zhian Kamvar (PhD due 2016)
Zachary Foster (MCB PhD expected 2016)
Javier Tabima Restrepo (PhD expected 2019)

Post-doctoral Scientists

Sydney Everhart
Brian Knaus

Undergraduate Students

Ian Brasted
Stephanie Brewer

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