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Richard Halse

Richard Halse

Senior Instructor Emeritus,
Ph.D., 1980, Oregon State University, Corvallis


Office/Lab: Cordley 1044
Phone: 541-737-5298

Research Area

Taxonomy of the Hydrophyllaceae; ecology and taxonomy of Sidalcea; floristics of Oregon.

Description of Research

I am interested in the taxonomy of the Hydrophyllaceae, the waterleaf family, which has its greatest diversity in western North America. The species in the genus Sidalcea, in the mallow family, are quite variable, difficult to identify, often restricted in distribution with some being rare. Oregon's flora is one of the most diverse in the nation and many parts of the state are still not well known botanically.


BOT 410 Internship

BOT 414/514 Agrostology

BOT 416/516 Aquatic Botany

BOT 425/525 Flora of the Pacific Northwest


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