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Maria Ivanchenko

Maria Ivanchenko

Assistant Professor (Senior Research),
Ph.D., 1984 Insititute of Genetics, Moscow, Russia


Office/Lab:Cordley 4073/4066
Phone: 541-737-5306/5295

Research Area

Hormonal regulation of plant development.

Description of Research

The primary focus is on the auxin regulation of root development, which determines nutrient absorption and productivity, and a plant’s adaptation to specific soil environments. We use a variety of techniques in histology, molecular biology and genetics to place a novel type of auxin regulators, cyclophilin cis-trans protein isomerases, in the pathway that governs root architecture in tomato and the genetic plant model, Arabidopsis.

Histological images of tomato roots, illustrating absence of lateral root
primordia and abnormal auxin response in the cyclophilin-deficient
tomato mutant, diageotropica (dgt).


Maria G. Ivanchenko1,Jinsheng Zhu, Bangjun Wang, Eva Medvecká, Yunlong Du, Elisa Azzarello, Stefano Mancuso, Molly Megraw, Sergei Filichkin, Joseph G. Dubrovsky, Jiřı́Friml and Markus Geisler. 2015. The cyclophilin A DIAGEOTROPICA gene affects auxin transport in both root and shoot to control lateral root formation. Development 142, 712-721 doi:10.1242/dev.113225

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