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Walter F. Mahaffee

walt mahaffee

Associate Professor (Courtesy)

Ph.D., 1996, Auburn University, Alabama


Office/Lab: USDA Horticultural Crops Research Unit
Phone: 541-738-4036/4035

Research Area

Foliar pathology of horticulture crops: development of biological control systems; ecology/epidemiology of pathogens and biocontrol agents; and integrated pest management.

Description of Research

Research focuses on understanding the ecology of microorganisms on plant surfaces, and applying that knowledge to reduce disease development in agronomic settings while enhance the economic and sustainable production of horticultural crops.  Current projects include (1) characterize the biology of foliar and fruit pathogens, particularly powdery mildews and Botrytis cinerea; (2) development of technical infrastructure for regional and national disease forecasting systems for plant diseases; (3) use of inoculum detection as a decision aid for disease management, (4) pathogen dispersion and simulation modeling

Research Group Members

Research Assistants/Associates

Chris Gorman
Tara Neill

Graduate Students

Lindsey Thiessen (PhD due 2016)
Brent  Warneke (MS due 2017)

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