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Spring Term                                          

Professorial candidates give a department seminar.                       

Mentoring Team and Peer Teaching Review Team reports reviewed by Department P&T Committee and tenure-track faculty with outcome provided in writing to mentored faculty (May).

New members of P&T Executive Committee elected (June).

Mentoring Teams for candidates seeking promotion in the next academic year are appointed by P&T Executive Committee.

Candidates provide dossier materials to the P&T Executive Committee by beginning of June.

Dossiers of candidates seeking promotion or tenure reviewed by P&T Committee and Committee votes to seek external letters of evaluation (June, last week of Spring Term). 

Summer Term

Teaching survey and solicitation of comments sent to former students and graduate teaching assistants for candidates.

Fall Term                             

Student Teaching Evaluation Committee named by the Department Chairperson.

Peer Teaching Review Committee named by the P&T Executive Committee.

Senior FRA Committee review of FRA dossiers.

Final dossier of candidates seeking promotion or tenure evaluated and voted on by the Department P&T Committee  (November/December).

Dossier transmitted to the Dean by the Department Chairperson (December/January).

Winter Term                                         

College P & T Committee and Dean make appropriate decisions, write letters and submit dossier to Provost: Department Chairperson and candidate provided with copies of college letters.

Identification of candidates seeking promotion/tenure during the next academic year. 

Annual or biennial Mentoring Teams identified by P&T Executive Committee.

Annual or triennial Peer Teaching Review Teams appointed by the P&T Executive Committee.

Annual or biennial mentoring sessions completed with reports to appropriate individuals.

Spring Term                              

Provost makes final decisions on pending dossiers.

Decisions are announced by June 15.