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P & T Executive Committee


A. Function of the P&T Executive Committee

The P&T Executive Committee assists the Department Chairperson and represents the faculty in the management and organization of P&T process.

B. Composition of the P&T Executive Committee

The P&T Executive Committee consists of five full professors tenured in the Department.

C. Election of the P&T Executive Committee

The entire voting faculty elects the members of the P&T Executive Committee for terms of three years. Terms of service are staggered to ensure that at least two members of the Committee provide continuity from the previous year. All full-professors tenured in the Department stand for election to the Committee, except for individuals currently serving or completing a three year term of service on the Committee. Election to the Committee is by plurality vote of those faculty submitting written ballots within 7 days of an election date specified by the Department Chairperson. The Department Chairperson conducts the election before the end of Spring Term. New members of the Executive Committee take office at the end of Spring Term.

If an elected member of the P&T Executive Committee is unable to complete the 3-year term of service, the Department Chairperson appoints a tenured full professor to serve until the elected member of the Committee is able to return to service or the term of service is completed.

The members of the P&T Executive Committee select the Chair of the P&T Executive Committee.

D. Responsibilities of the P&T Executive Committee

  1.  Assisting the Chairperson in the identification of the annual promotion and tenure activities.
  2.  Oversight of the compilation of promotion and tenure dossiers for review and evaluation by the P&T Committee and external reviewers.
  3.  Scheduling the review and evaluation of dossiers.
  4.  Supervision of balloting procedures associated with promotion and tenure recommendations.
  5.  Appointment of Mentoring Teams and Faculty Peer Teaching Review Teams
  6. Informing new faculty members of the promotion and tenure procedures and policies of the Department and University.
  7. Maintenance of records needed for documenting and planning the activities of the Committee.

The P&T Executive Committee shall not make recommendations to the faculty concerning specific promotion and tenure actions.