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A. Background and Philosophy

The Oregon State University (OSU) Promotion and Tenure Guidelines provide the basic University philosophy and policy for Promotion and Tenure (P&T); these are supplemented by additional policies of the Department as contained in this document. The OSU Guidelines guarantee the individual access to all materials submitted for evaluation and the opportunity to respond in writing. Because faculty members in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology take responsibility for their own materials, they have access on a continuing basis. The only exceptions are solicited evaluations that the faculty member has agreed will be kept confidential.

Faculty in this Department have diverse responsibilities in Extension, as Program Directors, and in other roles as well as traditional teaching, research and service responsibilities. It is not possible for one document to address all of our individual circumstances. The Department P&T Guidelines establish a general model, but we recognize that it must be adapted to meet the needs of individual faculty on a case-by-case basis.

B. Overview of Process

The promotion and tenure process in this Department is guided by four principles:


1. The individual faculty member is responsible for preparing in a timely way a dossier that clearly and effectively presents his or her own case (see Sections VI & VII).

2. The Department will actively assist faculty members to succeed through mentoring and early review of teaching (see Sections III & IV).

3. The Department P&T Committee is comprised of all faculty tenured in the Department; evaluation and voting on a file is done by those Committee members senior in rank to the candidate (see Section IX).

4. An elected P&T Executive Committee (see Section III) administers the process.


The process starts in the Spring of each year with the election of the P&T Executive Committee and the identification of candidates. Candidates present their dossiers at the beginning of June for a preliminary evaluation by the P&T Committee in the last week of Spring Term. If the Committee members judge the likelihood of success to be high then external letters of evaluation will be sought. Evaluation will be based initially and most importantly on the dossier documenting the candidate's achievements. Additional evaluations will be sought from faculty peers and students, and from external peers. A final vote by signed ballot will be held before the end of Fall Term to determine the P&T Committee's recommendation. If the recommendation is favorable, the dossier will be forwarded to the appropriate Dean(s) and ultimately to the Provost for final action. Dossiers of assistant professors in their 6th year are forwarded regardless of the faculty vote, as are dossiers of candidates who specifically so request. In all cases, the recommendation of the P&T Committee will reflect the vote of the Committee.