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Sample Position Description



Name and rank, (title if appropriate):

Appointment: 9 or 12 month

FTE:  by College

Primary responsibilities:

        Specific duties, with proportional effort, based on a 40-hour week. Hours beyond the 40-hr base are allocated at the individual’s discretion. List details, i.e. course numbers, only if specifically assigned. Otherwise list the general activity appropriate for each relevant category.      

        Research and Scholarship -  (%) - Expected of all Faculty

        Teaching, Mentoring and Advising - (%) - Activities that generate Student Credit Hours, including Thesis and Research credits; both formal and informal, including advising of graduate students      

        Service - (%) - Activities in support of the University and its units, or the Profession. Expected of all Faculty. Usually 1-10%, depending on rank.      

        Extended Education -  (%) - Professionally relevant interactions with the “public”. Usually 1-5%;  faculty with formal Extension responsibilities will show this category as their major effort.


         Scholarship: minimum 15%.  Overall scholarship can be included in, but not limited to,  all activities listed under “Primary Responsibilities.


Signed and dated,
Faculty member                                                        Department Chairperson                                                   


Position Description

Name and Rank: Janet Brown, Assistant Professor

Appointment: 9 month

FTE: 1.0 College of Agricultural Sciences

Primary Responsibilities:

Research: 50%, maintain an externally funded research program conducting original and independent research and training in the area of genomic/computational plant ecology that is relevant to the natural resource and agricultural interests of Oregon. Aspire to achieve international standing, in part through collaboration with OSU colleagues.

Teaching, Mentoring  and Advising: 40%, contribute to undergraduate and graduate education in Plant Ecology and area of expertise. Mentor and serve as research advisor to graduate students in their advanced degree programs in Botany and Plant Pathology, Molecular and Cell Biology, or related programs.  Serve on the graduate committees of other graduate students.  Serve as advisor and research mentor to undergraduate students.

Service: 10%, all faculty are expected to be collegial members of their units, and to perform appropriate service that contributes to the effectiveness of their departments, colleges, and the University, and of their professions. University service includes serving on departmental, interdepartmental, program, college, and University committees. Professional service includes, but is not limited to, reviewing manuscripts for journals and proposals for national funding agencies, and involvement in professional organizations.


Scholarship: 25%, may include activities under any of the categories of ‘Primary Responsibilities’.  Scholarship and creative activities will primarily be in the area of genomic and /or computational plant ecology. Activities include, but are not limited to, peer reviewed publication of scientific research, development of scientific technologies/methodologies, integration of knowledge leading to new interpretations, and participation on steering committees, agency panels, and science working groups where the outcome is a fundamental change in the field’s direction. Innovation in teaching strategies and development of new educational approaches may be included.


Lynda M. Ciuffetti, Head               Date                   Janet Brown               Date