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Department Post-Tenure Review Guidelines

  1.  Associate Professors already reviewed on a regular basis - keep existing system
  2.  Full Professors and Tenured Senior Instructors 

a.       Review individuals every five years (notification from Chairperson by October 1)

b.      Peer Review Committee (minimum of 3 members) selected by P&T Executive Committee in consultation with Chairperson and Candidate (late October)

c.       Candidate submits "Packet" (early January)

                                                               i.      job description (signed by candidate and chairperson)

                                                             ii.      complete CV in OSU Dossier format

                                                            iii.      overview (3 pages maximum) of research/teaching/service and/or other duties as described in the job description

d.      Peer Review Committee reviews packet and prepares initial report that identifies strengths, significant accomplishments and areas that should be developed.  

e.      Report presented to BPP Professorial tenure and tenure-track faculty for discussion and evaluation (end of March)

                                                               i.      packet will be available for review by all faculty a minimum of two weeks before meeting

                                                             ii.      modifications to report made by consensus of faculty

                                                            iii.      evaluation by faculty using secret ballot - "Extraordinary", "Strong and Positive", "Satisfactory" or "Unsatisfactory"

f.        Modified report and results of faculty ballot forwarded to Chairperson by the Peer Review Committee (April).   

g.       Chairperson discusses report with Candidate.  The Candidate has opportunity to comment on/rebut the report and evaluation.

h.      Chairperson submits Peer Review Report, with an independent letter from the Chairperson to the Dean(s).  Written comments/rebuttals from the candidate will be appended to the report. (May 1)

i.         If "Unsatisfactory" evaluation received, the Peer Review Committee, in consultation with the Chairperson, will work with the Candidate to formulate a plan of action with the goal of improving performance.