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Procedures, Letters, and Forms for Evaluation of Teaching and Advising



During Winter Term, identify faculty likely to seek promotion in the next year, select classes to be reviewed and, using class lists from previous years, students to be contacted. Appoint and charge peer teaching review team.

During Summer- send questionnaire to studetns in classes taught.

Selection of Classes and Students

Select specific classes for review from among those taught in the previous 2 years.

Select 3 classes for faculty teaching 3 or more classes a year, 2 for those averaging 2 classes a year, and 1 for those averaging 1 or fewer classes a year. Sample each of the different classes regularly taught by the instructor.

Seek returned questionnaires from 10 students in each class. In large classes 30 questionnaires are mailed.

For undergraduate classes (100-400 level):

Draw the student sample from those who obtained a final grade of "C" or better.

For graduate classes (500 and 600 levels):

Draw the sample from all currently registered graduate students, with preference for those nearing the end of their programs.





Dear Student,

The Department of Botany and Plant Pathology requests your assistance in evaluating the teaching effectiveness of xxxxxxxxx who was your instructor in BOT xxxxx, Date. This evaluation is part of a continuing process by which faculty are reviewed for promotion. Please help us by providing your thoughts on the contributions of xxxxxx to your education. Because of the nature of this request, it should be treated as confidential.

To facilitate the evaluation process, a questionnaire for each class is enclosed. Please circle the appropriate response for each of the questions. We also encourage you to add written comments to elaborate on the reasons for your ratings. Such comments are particularly valuable in helping us to understand how Dr. xxx's teaching has contributed to your overall learning experience at OSU. You may not recall the details of a particular class, but what lasting impressions were made?

We cannot use anonymous input, so please be sure to sign your name in the space provided on the back of the questionnaire. Your evaluation will become part of the promotion file of xxxxxxxx, and it will be available to the faculty and students responsible for making the Department's recommendation for promotion. It will also be available to xxxxxx, should she/he ask to see it. However, the only document that is routinely provided to a candidate for promotion is a written summary of responses to the questionnaire, and the names of individuals from whom responses were received are not included in this summary.

We need your comments by xxxxxx. Please mail the enclosed form to xxxxxxx in the envelope provided, or deliver by hand to Dianne Simpson in the Botany and Plant Pathology Office, Cordley 2082.

Thank you for assisting us with this important task and for helping us assure the quality of education at OSU.



Associate Chair, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology

Phone: (541) 737-xxxx Email:




Please rate this instructor in the following measures of teaching effectiveness. For each category below, circle a score that corresponds with the following statements:

1. Outstanding. I was stimulated to learn beyond my expectations.

2. Very Good. This instructor was very good in this area and made learning easy for me.

3. Adequate. The instructor's teaching allowed me to learn.

4. Weak. I learned in this class, despite the instructor's weaknesses in this area.

5. Inadequate. The instructor's inadequacies in this area interfered with my learning.

I. Professionalism. An effective teacher is knowledgeable, well prepared, and organized. Class objectives and requirements are appropriate and clearly presented. The instructor invests the energy necessary to present a good class. The instructor challenges students to excel, to think independently about the subject, and to take pride and care in their work. The instructor assigns grades that reflect performance of students in the class.

1 2 3 4 5

Outstanding Very Good Adequate Weak Inadequate

If you wish, please provide an example of your reasons for this rating.

II. Communication. An effective teacher presents information in a clear and understandable manner. The instructor is sensitive to the range of learning levels and styles of the students. The instructor generates enthusiasm for the subject, provides timely feedback on class performance that enhances learning, and is reasonably available for consultation with students.

1 2 3 4 5

Outstanding Very Good Adequate Weak Inadequate

If you wish, please provide an example of your reasons for this rating.

III. All things considered, the overall teaching effectiveness of this instructor was:

1 2 3 4 5

Outstanding Very Good Adequate Weak Inadequate

IV. When you think about this instructor and this class, what things stand out in your mind?






Faculty effectiveness as Major Professor for MS and PhD students will be evaluated through letters solicited from all of the candidate's current and former graduate students. The evaluation will be conducted and reported by the faculty peer team assigned to review teaching and advising activities of the candidate in the year of consideration for promotion. Letters will be solicited in the Summer after the preliminary vote by the P&T committee.

Selection of Students

Letters will be solicited from all current graduate students, and from all students enrolled since the last promotion. Letters will be automatically solicited from students for whom the candidate served as major professor. Candidates may add names (and addresses)of other graduate students and post-docs, as they see fit.

University guidelines require half of the letters that evaluate teaching and advising should be from a list supplied by the candidate and half from a list generated by the unit.

Sample Letter


Dear (Student),

The Department of Botany and Plant Pathology is considering Dr. XXX for promotion to Professor (Courtesy). As part of our evaluation, we are seeking input from Dr. XXX's current and former graduate students. We want to know if he is/was an effective major professor for you. Please write us a short letter of evaluation to help in our deliberations. Attributes of an effective major professor that you might address include: communication skills; availability; knowledge; integrity and professionalism; and willingness to offer constructive, timely, and useful guidance and support. We need your letter by YYY.

Dr. XXX has waived his right of access to letters of evaluation solicited during the promotion review process and your letter will be held in confidence unless mandated otherwise in legal proceedings. We cannot use anonymous input so please be sure to sign your name. Thank you for your time on this important matter.


Thank you for assisting us with this important task. We cannot use anonymous input, so please be sure to sign your name. Your evaluation will become part of the Promotion file, and is available to the faculty and students responsible for this Department's promotion recommendation, including Dr. XX, should he/she ask to see it. Our final evaluation of teaching effectiveness, however, will include only a summary of the responses, and will not mention names of any contributor.


Chair, P&T Executive Committee or Associate Chairperson