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Teaching Review Activities



The Department provides regular peer review of teaching for those faculty who have not yet reached their highest rank or tenure. Peer review of teaching is also conducted, as needed, to aid any faculty member in addressing particular teaching problems and to ensure high standards of teaching.

1. Peer Teaching Review Teams for Instructors, Assistant Professors, and Associate Professors are appointed by the P&T Executive Committee.These Teams consist of faculty tenured in the Department and senior in rank to the faculty member being reviewed.

2. Peer teaching reviews are conducted annually for Instructors and Assistant Professors and every 3 years for Associate Professors with an additional review, if necessary, in the year of promotion.

3. Peer teaching review of senior faculty (Senior II Instructors or Professors) may be initiated by the Department Chairperson or the faculty member. In the case of senior faculty, the Chairperson, in consultation with the Departmental Executive Committee, will name the Peer Teaching Review Team.

4. Peer Teaching Review Teams evaluate teaching effectiveness based on visits to the classroom, instructional laboratory, or industry meetings, and on analysis of course syllabi and other printed course materials provided by the faculty member.

5. For junior faculty members, the Peer Teaching Review Team reports its evaluation orally to the P&T Committee. A letter of evaluation is provided to the faculty member, the P&T Executive Committee, and the Department Chairperson. The written evaluation becomes part of the candidate's personnel file. The Chairperson discusses the written evaluation with the faculty member during the annual evaluation. For senior faculty members, the Peer Teaching Review Team reports its evaluation in a letter to the faculty member and to the Department Chairperson.

6. Faculty with extension appointments will supply a list of clients.  Clients will be asked to evaluate the teaching of the candidate by completing a form or writing a letter. Forms will be summarized and the summary included in the dossier. Letters and forms received will be included in the summary letter of the Peer Teaching Review Committee and letters may be included in the dossier.