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Jay R. Reichman

Jay Reichman

Assistant Professor (Courtesy)
Ph.D., 2002, University of Texas at Austin


Office/Lab: US EPA Western Ecology Division

Phone: 541-754-4643    

Research Area

Ecology, molecular genetics & evolutionary biology

Description of Research

My research is primarily aimed at development of molecular methods for measuring the positive and negative biological effects (ranging from changes in gene expression to shifts in population structure) of various modern technologies. Projects have focused on transgene flow from genetically engineered plants and aerial drift of high potency herbicides/pesticides. Recently, collaborative projects are related to biofuel feedstock production and exposure to nanomaterials.

I also have a continuing research interest in molecular adaptations of endosymbiotic marine microalgae in the genus Symbiodinium.

Research Group Members

Christian P Andersen
Mark G Johnson
Michael A Bollman
Bonnie M Smith

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