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Carol J. Rivin

Carol Rivin

Associate Professor Emeritus,
Ph.D., 1978, University of Washington, Seattle

Faculty of Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing


Office/Lab: Cordley 3067/3066
Phone: 541-737-5281/3308

Research Area

Molecular genetics of maize; genetic programs controlling plant development; regulation of gene expression during embryogenesis.

Description of Research

My laboratory is interested in how genetic programs control plant development. We work on several research problems that involve the genetics and molecular biology of embryo development in Zea mays. The lab focuses on two experimental strategies to learn how the morphogenesis and the maturation of the maize embryo is controlled. One strategy is to identify and isolate genes expressed at specific stages of embryogenesis, and to study how these genes are regulated. The other is to isolate mutants that block critical steps in this developmental path. In these ways, we are investigating how hormonal signals and environmental "cues" control the expression of genes required for embryonic development.


BI 213 Principles of Biology
BI 311 Genetics