Spring 2020 Dean's List

Congrats to our BPP students making the Dean's list for Spring 2020.  We appreciate the time and effort you put in your academic studies while managing the ups and downs of turbulent times.  The plants and fungi of the world are proud of you! 

Spring 2020 Dean's List

(listed in alphabetical order)

  Darby Diane Bergl

  Alexys A Bosse

  Daniel Izak Ian Fager

  Michael Getz

  Kara L Green

  Daniel G Kennedy

  Cara Elizabeth Kildall

  Isaac Taylor Quinn Klementis

  Jacqueline Lemmon

  Grayson Lindsey

  Zuoyong Mao

  Sydni Jayne Marsh

  Ellis Moore

  Grace Katelyn O'Brien

  Briauna Tia Renne

  Lindsay Sandusky

  Martha Taylor

  Jeremy Edward Tolonen

  Cynthia Leigh Waite

  Lucinda Joy Boyle

  Zane Anthony Yinger

  Ashley Lauren Saindon