Workshop: Taking MPMI Discoveries to the Field

Niklaus Grunwald is one of four speakers presenting at the International Society of Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (IS-MPMI) online workshop in February. Nik's talk is titled "Computational tools for translational research – Identifying new & reemerging pathogens and pests".

Workshop summary

Continuing with the theme of translational plant research, IS-MPMI is hosting a second international virtual seminar with leaders in the field of molecular plant-microbe interactions who are taking molecular advances in plant science and translating these discoveries to develop disease resistant and high performing crops in agriculture. This meeting will highlight the use of genome editing, transcriptional gene silencing, new computational tools and beneficial microbes to study the complexities of plant responses to microbes. The goal is to share new developments that are at the forefront of the field and discuss key strategies used to translate these advances for biotechnology and industry applications.

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