Inspiration Dissemination

Inspiring Stories From Oregon State Graduate Students on KBVR FM

Inspiration Dissemination is an award-winning radio program that occurs Sunday nights at 7PM Pacific Standard Time on KBVR Corvallis, 88.7FM. Each week on the program, we host a different graduate student worker from Oregon State University to talk about their lives and passion for research here at the university. By presenting these stories, we can present the diverse, human element of graduate research that is often hidden from the public view. Through this program, we hope to accomplish three goals:

  1. Provide an outlet for graduate students to communicate their research openly to a broad audience
  2. Increase public understanding of the people and motivations behind graduate research
  3. Give undergraduate students a resource to hear diverse, inspiring stories that may serve as a guide for their own journeys into graduate research

Currently Co-hosted by BPP Graduate Students Kristen Finch and Lauri Lutes!!!