Admission Planner: High School Students

Is the Botany Major Right for You?

Botany is the scientific study of plants.  At the OSU Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, we investigate how plants work at all levels of biological organization, from molecular and cellular processes to the global ecosystem.  We prepare students for a wide variety of careers through courses and hands-on experiences in the field and in the lab.  You can see what some of our recent grads are doing here.

The undergraduate Botany degree offers students a broad education plant sciences and also the opportunity to pursue their particular interests in three areas of concentration Ecology, Evolution and Conservation; Molecular, Cellular and Genomic Biology; Plant Pathology.  Botany students may also pursue more specific optional studies with additional coursework and experiential learning.  Our options are: Plant Ecology and Systematics; Plant Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology; Fungal Biology; Botanical Research.

If you can, schedule a visit to get a feel for OSU's campus and visit the Department.  General information about life at OSU and Corvallis is found in the BPP Student Handbook.

High School Preparation

A strong high school math and science background is extremely helpful to new freshmen.  Students should take at least three years of high school mathematics, including algebra, geometry, and some exposure to trigonometry.  They should take a year each of chemistry, biology and physics.  Computer science skills are valuable.  A solid background in college-level writing is highly desirable.

Students without an adequate background in mathematics and science can make up these deficiencies early in their college career.

How to Apply for OSU Admission

First year students are students currently in high school, high school graduates with fewer than 36 quarter/24 semester college credits, or GED holders.

You will first need to apply to OSU and be accepted. The Office of Admissions offers comprehensive information for first year students on applying and matriculating.