Busby Lab

Posy Busby, PI

The Busby lab studies plant microbiome ecology. Current research in the lab seeks to elucidate plant genetic and environmental factors structuring plant microbiome composition and function. In particular, we study how endophytes in the microbiome influence plant immunity. We strive to apply results of our research to the sustainable management of disease in agriculture.

Lab website: www.posybusby.com


Students will generate and analyze fungal and bacterial amplicon (short DNA sequences that can be used as barcodes to distinguish between organisms) sequence data representing plant-associated microbial communities (e.g., leaf, wood, seed microbiomes).


Students will learn to generate, manipulate, and analyze amplicon sequence data representing plant-associated microbial communities. Students will learn fundamental concepts in community ecology. Students may also contribute to data collection by participating in greenhouse and field experiments.