Goyer Lab

Aymeric Goyer, PI

The Goyer lab has two main research fields of interest: (1) vitamin metabolism in food crops, and (2) interactions between potato virus Y and potato. Our research involves whole transcriptome and genome analyses to identify genes and gene networks that function in the aforementioned biological pathways.  

Lab website: http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/agoyer10162018/


Students will learn to process and analyze whole transcriptome and/or genome sequence data. Tasks will include mapping reads to reference genome, differential expression analysis, visualization of data, and identification of single nucleotide polymorphism. One publication that exemplify the types of work the student will do is in Goyer et al 2015 (see the link to the Goyer lab webpage above for a full copy of the paper).


Students will learn fundamental concepts in plant secondary metabolism and/or plant-pathogen interactions, transcriptomics and genomics.