Graduate Student Celebration

Spring 2022 Graduate Student Symposium

Join us in-person or online on May 6th for our Spring Graduate Student Research Celebration!

Memorial Union 109 and via Zoom

12:00PM - 5:20PM

Spring 2022 Graduate Student Symposium

Join us for our Botany and Plant Pathology Graduate Student Research Celebration event on May 6th, 2022 in a new hybrid format. Graduate students will present their research in-person to both a live and online audience.

Please register if you are planning to attend this event. Zoom link will be sent in a follow-up email. All registrants will be entered into a raffle drawing for various prizes.


Thesis Proposal Presentations

Presented in a Hybrid Format

12:00 - 5:20 PM

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Spring Symposium Program


Time Presentations

12:00 PM

Joey Spatafora

Introduction and Opening Remarks

12:05 PM

Brandon Stairs

The Effects of Environmental Selective Pressures and Bacteria Endosymbionts on Rhizopus Microsporus Diversity

Advisor: Jessie Uehling

12:25 PM

Tanner Jefferson

Mapping Transcription Start Sites in Arabidopsis Thaliana and Catharanthus Roseues

Advisor: Molly Megraw

12:45 PM

Jessie Zimmerman

Grapevine Trunk Disease and the Microbiome

Advisors: Posy Busby and Achala KC

1:05 PM
Michele Wiseman

I Shot the S-Gene, but I Did It to Save Hop Pedigrees

Advisor: Dave Gent

1:25 PM
Break 1
1:40 PM
Stephanie Chase

Developing qPCR Assays to Understand Phytophthora Ramorum Disease Progression in Tan Oak Hosts

Advisor: Jared LeBoldus

2:00 PM
Diana Ruggiero

Multi-Scale Developmental Dynamics of Maize Leaf Vascular Patterning

Advisor: Sam Leiboff

2:20 PM
Trenton Berrian

Thiamin: Investigating Its Role in Plant Defense Mechanisms Against Pathogens, and Testing Its Efficacy as Immunity Primer to Control Diseases of Potato

Advisor: Aymeric Goyer

2:40 PM
Abigail Neat

From Litter to Leaf: Investigating the Role of Litter Fungi in Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga Menziesii) Seedling Fitness

Advisors: Posy Busby

3:00 PM
Daniel Fager

Feasibility of Graft Indexing Compared to HTS and PCR for Detection of Viruses in Rubus and Fragaria

Advisor: Dimitre Mollov

3:20 PM
Break 2
3:35 PM
Sebastian Mortimer

Evolution of Pacific Northwest Wild Strawberries

Advisor: Aaron Liston

3:55 PM
Katelyn Baldino

Exploring the Aerobiology and Epidemiology of Xanthomonas Hortorum P.v. Carotae in Central Oregon

Advisor: Jeremiah Dung and Walt Mahaffee

4:15 PM
Maria Jose Romero Jimenez

Taxonomic and Functional Diversity of Foliar Yeasts of Populus Trichocarpa

Advisor: Posy Busby

4:35 PM
Julia Metzler

Comparing Plant Community Responses to Treatments across Willamette Valley Habitats

Advisor: Linda Hardison

4:55 PM
Ray Brunner

Exploring Uncertainty in Botanical Field Surveys

Advisor: Tom Kaye

5:15 PM
Closing Comments