Jaiswal Lab

Pankaj Jaiswal, PI

The Jaiswal lab studies abiotic stress responses in international crops such as rice, wheat, sorghum and bioenergy feedstock plants poplar and Brachypodium. We focus on analyzing time-series dependent transcriptome analysis and genome annotations and profile the underlying genetic differences carried by various crop varieties showing contrasting stress response characteristics to understand the function of genes and their response towards stress tolerance.

Lab website: http://jaiswallab.cgrb.oregonstate.edu/


Students will learn to design an experiment on stress treatment of a crop plant, collect samples for transcriptome sequencing, generate, manage process and analyze the data. Students will also learn the Biocuration process to synthesize known prior biological knowledge about the genes, biochemical pathways and gene regulation which will help in data analysis and building hypothesis.


The students will learn data management, designing experiments, FAIR data principles, Biocuration and data analytics.