Our Research

Our faculty members have diverse research interests, expertise, perspectives, and approaches. Interactions between plants and microorganisms, a major focus in our interdisciplinary research, link the department's basic and applied research interests and create a stimulating atmosphere for education and research.

Our research programs range from molecular and cellular processes to the global ecosystem levels of organization and include research in such areas as gene regulation, plant metabolism, pathogenic processes, evolution of plant species, and mathematical modeling of ecosystems and plant disease development. Our research areas include the following:

  • plant disease research and management    
  • plant physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology
  • plant genetics
  • marine and aquatic botany
  • plant ecology
  • botanical taxonomy, structure, evolution, biogeography

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We focus on fundamental aspects of plant biology; plant health, plant function, plant-microbe and plant-insect interactions, genomics, evolution, and ecology.

We are the primary research and extension unit within OSU addressing diseases of economically important plants in Oregon, and plant diseases of worldwide significance.

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