Spring 2021 Seminar Series 

Thursdays 4:00 pm | Zoom Link

Coordinator: Dr. Nik Grunwald (niklaus.grunwald@oregonstate.edu)

Development and Utilization of Genomics Resources for Hemp and Mint

Dr. Kelly Vining, OSU Horticulture

Pathogen Round-Up: A Tenure Report from Pendleton Cereal Pathology

Dr. Christina Hagerty, OSU Botany & Plant Pathology

APR 15
Using High-throughput Genetics (RB-TnSeq) to Map the Fitness Landscape of Plant Pathogenic Ralstonia

Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Power, University of California – Davis

APR 22
Genomic Biosurveillance of Forest Pathogens: a Story Written in Code

Dr. Richard Hamelin, University of British Columbia

APR 29
Emerging Foliar Nematode Diseases Examined at the USDA, Beltsville

Dr. Lynn Carta, USDA ARS Beltsville, Maryland

Drivers and Brakes of Pathogen Emergence

Dr. Daniel Croll, University of Neuchatel

MAY 13
Dallice and Mary Mills Seminar
Building Durable, Broad-Spectrum Disease Resistance in Plants

Dr. Jan Leach, Colorado State University

MAY 20
Meta Approaches for Robust Epidemiological Inferences in Plant Disease Management

Dr. Emerson del Ponte, University of Vicosa

MAY 27
Assembly and Function of the Leaf Microbiome

Dr. Posy Busby, OSU Botany & Plant Pathology

Chromatin-Mediated Gene Silencing and Genome Stability in Filamentous Fungi

Dr. Michael Freitag, OSU Biochemistry & Biophysics