Hardman Awards for Native Plant Research

The Endowment

The Hardman Foundation Inc. is a private foundation that maintained a small grant program in key universities of the west coast for aspects of native plant conservation. In 1994, the foundation made an endowment to Oregon State University to support graduate student research concerning the native plants of Oregon.

The purpose of the endowment is to support "careful botanical research for the sake of preservation and expansion of native plants and vegetation."


  • Research projects in systematic botany that contribute to understanding of evolutionary development or regional native plant variation within species or species complexes and studies of flowering plants considered choice or rare, or that are depleted in range and need study, or require propagation for enrichment of the native range and for use in botanical gardens or other suitable preserves will be favored.
  • In addition, botanical investigations of paleological, geographical, climatological, edaphic and biotic factors as the environmental requirements of specific variant adaptations that can be identified are most suitable subjects of conservation research.

Students who have benefited from awards from this endowment include:

  • Kimberly Davis
  • Lisa Grubisha
  • Francisco Camacho
  • Sami Gray
  • Matt Carlson
  • Justen Whittall
  • Jason Alexander
  • Kara Hempy
  • John Syring
  • Brian Knaus
  • Paul Severns
  • Rachael Roberts
  • Olivia Duren
  • Robin Mulvey