Brett Tyler, PI

The Tyler lab studies the interactions between fungus-like oomycete pathogens and plants (primarily soybean). We use genome sequencing and mRNA sequencing extensively to reveal new insights into how oomycetes overcome plant immunity. Oomycetes use huge numbers of genes to blanket plant defenses with numerous virulence proteins. We are interested in which genes are most important for pathogen virulence. We are also interested in how pathogen switch up which virulence genes they are using in order to confuse plant defenses.

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Students will learn to process and analyze whole genome sequence data and mRNA sequencing data. Tasks may include identifying genes of interest, checking that the computer software has correctly identified the genes, constructing phylogenies, checking when and how actively the pathogens are using the genes, and predicting the functions of genes.


Students will learn fundamental concepts in plant pathogen interactions, genomics, and transcriptional regulation. Students will use genomic data to learn the scientific process.