The LaRea D. Johnston endowment was established in 1990 to honor the the numerous teaching contributions to the department of LaRea Johnston.  The income from the fund supports undergraduate education in the department and is used either to directly support undergraduate students or their research efforts, or to support teaching activities on behalf of these students. In 1992 the fund was renamed the Bill and LaRea Johnston Fund for Undergraduate Education in memory of Bill Johnston who was an integral part of the department.

The Outstanding Senior Award is made possible by this endowment and is awarded using the following guidelines:

  1. High academic achievement with Grade Point Average 3.50-4.00. 
  2. Completion of 45-60 hours of courses as a major in Botany & Plant Pathology.
  3. Outstanding role model. 

with either

  1. Botany and Plant Pathology related activities (significant contributions to Undergraduate Botany Club or other departmental activities)                                                                                   


  1. Other campus, community or professional activities  (significant contributions to clubs or activities outside the department). 

and (preferred but not required)

  1. Quality performance on independent study project.

Outstanding Seniors include:

  • Camille Tipton 1997
  • Anne Bangs 1998
  • Aleta Groenig 1999
  • Kristen Skinner 2000
  • Jenna Malarkey Hill 2000
  • Jay Well 2002
  • Jonathan Reed 2003
  • John Schenk 2003 Special Senior Recognition Award
  • Bailey Edgley 2004
  • Kathy van Wormer 2005
  • Emma Bradford and Alicia Leytem 2006
  • Stephanie Vandruff 2010