The Department of Botany and Plant Pathology has offices, classrooms and well equipped laboratories in Cordley Hall. Greenhouse facilities and the Botany Field Lab used for field studies are located nearby.

About 10 miles from campus, the Department shares instructional and research use of Peavy Arboretum and 11,000 acres in McDonald and Dunn Forests.

At Newport, on the Oregon Coast, facilities of the Hatfield Marine Science Center are available for research and instruction.

Branch Experiment Stations are located at Madras, Powell Butte, Newport, Astoria, Pendleton, Moro, Burns, Union, Hermiston, Klammath Falls, Ontario, Hood River, Aurora, Portland, and Central Point, Oregon. Professors from the department are located at several of these stations.

Processing soil fungi test samples at the Plant Clinic in HermistonCounting Verticillium colonies at  the Plant Clinic in HermistonHerbariumCherries in Bloom