Edward K. Vaughan Memorial Book Fund

The Fund

The Edward K. Vaughan Memorial Book Fund was established for the purpose of purchasing books for the department.

Dr. Edward Kemp Vaughan

- from an article written for Posies and Pathogens 1990, by Roy Young and Arlen Davison

Dr. Edward Kemp Vaughan was Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology at Oregon State University . Dr. Vaughan was born on November 16, 1908 in Las Vegas , NM , where his father was on the faculty of what is now Highlands University . The family moved to Las Cruces , NM , where Ed's father was on the New Mexico State College faculty, and was later Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, and acting President. Ed received a B.S. degree in Biology from New Mexico State College in June 1929. After working for a year as a Junior Plant Quarantine Inspector in El Paso , TX , he began graduate work at Oregon State University , where he received a Master of Science degree in Plant Pathology in 1932. He obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 1937. He was as an agent with the USDA in New Brunswick , NJ , from 1937-41. He was Associate Professor of Biology at Virginia Polytechnic Institute form 1941-44. He was then Plant Pathologist with the USDA Coastal Plains Experiment Station at Tifton , GA , where he conducted research on seedling diseases of vegetable plants. In 1947 he was appointed Professor of Plant Pathology at Oregon State University , with responsibility for research on diseases of small fruits and vegetables, a position he held until his retirement in 1974. He devoted most of his efforts to research but also taught graduate level courses and supervised graduate students. In 1966 he served as Acting Head of the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology. He served as President of the Pacific Division of the American Phytopathological Society in 1952. He was a Guggenheim Research fellow in 1954-55 in The Netherlands, and a Senior Research Fellow of the Plant Disease Division of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research in Auckland , New Zealand , in 1964-65. In 1974-76 he spent two years in Iran on research plant pathology. In 1988 he was recognized as one of the Centennial Outstanding Alumni of New Mexico State University. To his students Ed was a friend as well as a teacher and counselor. To his professional associates he was a favorite and highly respected scientist and representative of OSU. Dr. Vaughan passed away in Corvallis , on January 3, 1990.