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Primary Title: 
Assistant Professor (Senior Research) and Director, Oregon Flora Project
Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
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Voice Contact: 
(541) 737-4338
Cordley 1048


Ph.D., 1995, University of Washington


Research Description: 

Director of the Oregon Flora Project

Research Group Members

  • Thea Cook
  • Katie Mitchell
  • Jennifer Sackinger
  • Stephen Meyers
  • John Myers

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General Interest Articles

Hardison, LK. 2000 – 2012. Twenty-nine articles discussing the research and activities of the Oregon Flora Project in the Oregon Flora Newsletter, a publication directed at both a scholarly and non-professional audience.

Hardison, LK. 2006 – present. Synopsis of Oregon Flora Project activities in each Bulletin of the Native Plant Society of Oregon, 10 issues per year.

Refereed Journal Articles

Manning VA, Hardison, LK, Ciuffetti, LM 2007. Ptr ToxA interacts with a chloroplast-localized protein. Molec. Plant-Microb. Inter. 20(2): 168-77.