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Herbarium Curator and Instructor
Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
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(541) 737-5297
Office/Lab: Cordley 1042/1045


Ph.D., 2010 Miami University


Research Description: 

Plant systematics; processes and patterns of speciation and diversification; historical biogeography; ferns and lycophytes; Adiantopsis; science education; and curriculum innovation and revision.

  • The Link-Perez lab uses traditional morphological analyses in combination with molecular phylogenetics to resolve species boundaries and evolutionary relationships within plant groups of interest. Currently, we are investigating the neotropical fern genus Adiantopsis, which is a member of the cheilanthoid clade of the ecologically diverse Pteridaceae. By integrating morphological, ecological, and geographic data with the phylogenetic framework provided by DNA sequence data, our lab is gaining insight into the evolutionary patterns and processes (e.g., character evolution and adaptation) in this genus and—by extension—the diversification that has occurred in the neotropics in general. We are also involved in science education research, particularly in the areas of botanical education, active learning, and inquiry-type lab experiences.


Link to Google Scholar:

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