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Senior Instructor II
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(541) 737-5542 x3472
Office/Lab: Cordley 1076/1089


M.S., Wisconsin-Madison, 1984.


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Research and Extension Area: Diagnosis of diseases and disorders of plants submitted to the OSU Plant Clinic; chemical and non-chemical control recommendations.

  • Diagnostic techniques, etiology of new diseases. Since 2002 we have had on-going research projects looking at detection, epidemiology, and management of disease of ornamentals due to Rhodococcus fascians and Agrobacterium tumefaciens.

Research Group Members

Faculty Research Assistants/Associates

  • Maryna Serdani, Senior Faculty Research Assistant

Post-doctoral Scholars

  • William Thomas

Undergraduate Assistants

  • Joey DeShields
  • Alaina Floor
  • Shelby Porter
  • Sierra Purnell
  • Eric Renteria
  • Quintin Russell
  • Samson Tong
  • Mackenzie Trzil


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