Registration Process

Registration Process for students in BOT X01 Research or BOT X05 Reading & Conference, Undergrad & Grad

DRAFTDecember 16 2019

The Registrar has required changes in how 401/501/601 Research and 405/505/605 Reading & Conference sections (abbreviated as X01 and X05 from now on) are set up and tracked in Banner.

The following draft process applies to both undergraduate and graduate students taking either X01 or X05 with a BPP faculty member. This process will need to happen for each term - it is most helpful to complete it before the start of the term, but can be done in the first week.

1a. Decide with the student the number of credits being earned for the Research or Reading & Conference; and, for undergraduates, whether the credits will be taken for a Grade, or Pass/No Pass. Currently, the strong Departmental preference is that graduate X01 or X05 courses will only be given P/NP.

1b. For Courtesy and Research Faculty, identify a tenure-track faculty member who agrees to be the instructor of record for the student.

2. Email Dianne (and, if necessary, copy the instructor of record) with the following info:

  • Your name:
  • Instructor of Record (for Courtesy/Research faculty):
  • Course number/designation:
  • Number of credits:
  • Graded or P/NP:
  • Student Name:
  • Student ID:
  • Student Email address:

3. Dianne will assign the student to a section and do an over-ride to allow the student to enroll, and email the student the correct CRN.

4. At the end of the quarter, assign a grade or P/NP, and enter it into the campus online grading system directly (this will not go through Dianne, as in the past.)