Strategic Plan

Department of Botany and Plant Pathology

Strategic Plan 2019-2024


The Department of Botany and Plant Pathology (BPP) was founded in 1909 and over the past 110 years it has remained committed to the advancement of knowledge in plant sciences through teaching, research and extension.

BPP is a member of the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University and is dedicated to the land-grant mission of advancing access to higher education to the citizens of Oregon and beyond.  We champion the belief that higher education has a transformative role to play in preparing our stakeholders for success in today’s rapidly changing world.  And we stand to make contributions that will result in a more resilient and sustainable environment, while meeting the challenges of feeding a growing global population.

The process of developing a strategic plan is an important as the end product.  With that in mind, BPP Strategic Plan 1.0 represents a community effort with input and leadership from students, postdocs, faculty research assistants, research associates, faculty and staff.  As such, it represents our collective aspirations with the overarching goal of growth and improvement as an academic and intellectual home where all of the members of our department can succeed.

BPP Strategic Plan 1.0 is intended to be a living document that guides us over the next five years. For more information on BPP, our strategic plan, and how to join us in this effort please visit

Joey Spatafora
Department Head
OSU Distinguished Professor
Oregon State University


Knowledge – Collaboration – Service – Integrity


We value the process of data-driven scientific discovery and the synthesis of ideas and hypotheses that leads to new insights that are openly shared with others.


Our quest to meet our goals (Mission & Vision) is improved by collaborative activities, partnerships, and by embracing inclusive communities where we benefit from the diversity of experiences, perspectives, and strengths of others.


We value service to society and social responsibility. We are pro-active in delivering education, training and science-based solutions to our students, community, and stakeholders for their current and future needs.


Integrity pervades all aspects of our vision, service, and work ethic by providing an academic environment that fosters honesty, transparency, respect, and high ethical standards to support our values and achieve our goals. 



Our mission is to educate students and the public about plants and their global relevance, to conduct cutting edge plant biology research, and to apply that knowledge to address important societal issues.


Transforming the lives of students, citizens of Oregon, and our global community through plant biology teaching, research, and service.

Strategic Goals

  1. Be a premier department for training and professional development in 21st century plant sciences.

  2. Grow and integrate departmental research programs to meet state, national and global grand challenges in the plant sciences.

  3. Amplify our broader impact to enrich the lives of our stakeholders and promote resilient environments.

  4. Promote an inclusive and equitable environment that advances departmental excellence.

View our Strategic Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Actions Items in full detail.

BPP Strategic Plan

Botany and Plant Pathology Strategic Plan Committees

Core Values Committee
  • Jeff Anderson
  • Pankaj Jaiswal
  • Sarah Lowder
  • Walt Mahaffee
  • Jay Pscheidt
  • Luisa Santamaria
  • Toby Westberry
  • Melanie Link-Perez (chair)


Mission/Vision Committee
  • Blaine Baker
  • Posy Busby
  • Ken Frost
  • Linda Hardison
  • Ryan Lenz
  • Aaron Liston
  • Virginia Stockwell
  • Molly Megraw (chair)


Strategic Goals Committee
  • Mike Behrenfeld
  • Jeff Chang
  • John Fowler
  • Nik Grunwald
  • Andy Jones
  • Ken Johnson
  • Cindy Ocamb
  • Melanie Link-Perez
  • Melodie Putnam
  • Dianne Simpson
  • Catie Wram
  • Joey Spatafora (chair)


Teaching/Training Subcommittee
  • Bruce McCune
  • Marc Curtis
  • Dustin Gannon
  • Kyle Gervers
  • Caity Smyth
  • Alex Wong
  • Justin Preece
  • Jenny Lorang
  • Aaron Liston (co-chair)
  • Melanie Link-Perez (co-chair)


Research Subcommittee
  • Jeff Anderson
  • Ed Barge
  • Mike Behrenfeld
  • Ying Chang
  • Valerian Dolja
  • Susanna Kerio
  • Jared LeBoldus
  • Molly Megras
  • Kelsey Sondreli
  • Brett Tyler
  • Jeff Chang (co-chair)
  • Andy Jones (co-chair)


Extension & Outreach Subcommittee
  • Jeremiah Dung
  • Christina Haggerty
  • Linda Hardison
  • Russ Ingham
  • Achala KC
  • Ryan Lenz
  • Sarah Lowder
  • Lucas Nebert
  • Jay Pscheidt
  • Luisa Santamaria
  • Nadine Wade
  • Ken Frost (co-chair)
  • Melodie Putnam (co-chair)


Inclusion & Equity Subcommittee
  • Nick Carleson
  • Sarah Child
  • Nik Grunwald
  • Thea Jaster
  • Kristina Mojica
  • Chelsea Newbold
  • Wendy Sutton
  • Javier Tabima
  • Posy Busby (co-chair)
  • John Fowler (co-chair)