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Research Way Laboratory Building 2180D-19

Research Way Laboratory Building 4575 SW Research Way

Research Way Laboratory Building
4575 SW Research Way
Corvallis, OR 97333

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Botany and Plant Pathology

I am a second year master's student in the LeBoldus lab. My area of interest is Forest Pathology and my research focuses on a plant pathogen Phytophthora ramorum, causal agent of Sudden Oak Death. This exotic pathogen has had devastating impacts on oak family trees in North America, particularly in the forests of southern Oregon and central/northern California. I am interested in better understanding what drives genetic variation in the Oregon population of this pathogen as well as management efficacy. Prior to joining the LeBoldus team, I obtain my  bachelor's degree from OSU in Botany and Plant Pathology with an emphasis in Forest Ecology. During my time as an undergrad at OSU, I worked in the Spatafora lab and participated in research focused on ectomycorrhizal communities in the genus Rhizopogon of the Madrean Sky Island Archipelago. Before begging my master's program, I also spent time working in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest working for Dr. Joseph LaManna of Marquette University assisting with large-scale vegetative surveying and plot network assembly.    

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