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Emeritus Professor of Botany
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Recent Publications

Zobel, D.B. and J.A. Antos.  2009.  Species properties and recovery from disturbance: Forest herbs buried by volcanic tephra. Journal of Vegetation Science 20:  650-662.

Zobel, D.B. 2011. Beyond the methods manual.  Some things to know while you work on your first research project. Himalayan Journal of Sciences Online Publication No. 2011-1.  6 pages.

Poudyal, K., Jha, P.K., and Zobel, D.B. 2012a. Role of wood water properties and leaf dynamics in phenology and response to drought in evergreen Himalayan trees. Ecoprint, 19: 71-84.

Poudyal, K., Jha, P.K., and Zobel, D.B. 2012b. Pressure-volume curve analysis in five Himalayan  tree species. Physiological Ecology and Environmental Science, 3(1&2): 1-     11.

Zobel, D.B. and J.A. Antos.  2016. Flowering patterns of understory herbs thirty years after disturbance of subalpine old-growth forests by tephra from Mount St. Helens. International Journal of Plant Sciences 177 (2):  145-156.

Zobel, DB.  2016.  Planting guidelines for Port-Orford-cedar based on cruise data from early 20th-century forests. Forest Science  62 (1): 92-98.

Fischer, D, J A Antos, W G Grandy, D B Zobel. 2016.  A little disturbance goes a long way: 33-year understory successional responses to a thin tephra deposit. Forest Ecology and Management  382: 236-243.

Zobel, D.B., and J.A. Antos. 2017. Community reorganization in forest understories buried by volcanic tephra. Ecosphere 8(12):e02045.  Doi: 10.1002/ecs2.2045

Zobel, D.B. and J.A. Antos.  2018.  Forest understory buried by volcanic tephra:  Inertia, resilience and the pattern of community redevelopment.  Pages 113-125 in C Crisafulli and V Dale, eds. Ecological Responses at Mount St. Helens:  Revisited 35 years after the 1980 Eruption.  Springer, New York.  DOI

Watt, A.J., D.G. Fischer, J.A. Antos and D.B. Zobel.  2018.  Leaf-level physiology in four subalpine understory plants in tephra-impacted forests during drought.  Canadian Journal of Forest Research 48: 431-441.

Zobel, D.B. 2018.  Environmental relationships in forests of early 20th century Coos County, Oregon, based on timber cruise data.  Northwest Science 92 (3):  203-223.

Fischer, D.G., J.A. Antos, A. Biswas and D.B. Zobel.  2019.  Understorey succession after burial by tephra from Mount St. Helens. Journal of Ecology 107 (2): 531-544. 2018;00:1-14.

Chang, C.C., C.B. Halpern, J.A. Antos, M.L. Avolio, A. Biswas, J.E. Cook, R. del Moral. D.G. Fischer. A. Holz, R.J. Pabst, M.E. Swanson, D.B. Zobel.  2019.  Testing conceptual models of early plant succession across a disturbance gradient. Journal of Ecology 107 (2): 517-530. 2019;00:1–14. https://doi. org/10.1111/1365-2745.13120

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