Molly Megraw

Associate Professor
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Office: 541-737-1118

Research Way Laboratory Building

Research Way Laboratory Building 2027

Research Way Laboratory Building 4575 SW Research Way

Research Way Laboratory Building
4575 SW Research Way
Corvallis, OR 97333

Transcription Factors, machine learning, Arabidopsis, plant natural products, microRNAs/miRNAs, systems biology, synthetic biology

  • My lab works on identifying critical transcriptional regulators conditionally expressed in specific tissues and under specific stress-induced conditions in species important to systems and synthetic biology, including Arabidopsis and Catharanthus roseus.¬† Related work includes the study of transcriptional regulation of Pol-II protein coding genes and miRNAs through accessible chromatin in plants, machine learning models of Transcription Start Site locations from sequence and chromatin data in plants, functional transcription factor binding site identification in plant promoters, and development of network motif discovery algorithms.
  • For more information, please visit our lab's website at

Research group

Graduate Students

  • Tanner Jefferson (PhD, BPP)
  • Zach Bright (MS, BPP)

Laboratory Technicians

  • Lindsay Sandusky

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Ag Botany / Plant Path
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BDS 470/570 Introduction to Computing in the Life Sciences

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