Biological Data Sciences

A transdisciplinary undergraduate major offered at OSU!

The Biological Data Sciences (BDS) program is administered by the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, and offered in collaboration with faculty from Botany and Plant Pathology, Computer Science, Fisheries and Wildlife, Horticulture, Microbiology, and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Biological Data Sciences offers 3 options, new BDS courses and a minor! Enroll today!

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Get a Bachelor of Science Degree in Botany 

One degree, five options. Learn the core scientific and analytical skills surrounding botany and plant pathology, and focus your education on one of five key areas of focus.

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Graduate Programs

We offer Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Within each program, students may elect to specialize in one of eight key areas of concentration.

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Nathan Bearden

PI: LeBoldus

scientist smiling

Keonny Cosek
PI: Goyer

scientist smiling in front of bushes

Madeleine Duong
PI: Frost

scientist with a hat in the mountains

Daniel Farthing
PI: Spatafora

Nicholas Francis

PI: Leiboff

scientist in the woods

Joe Gagne
PI: Jones

Anupa Gaire


scientist holding mushroom in the fall

Andreas Guerrero
PI: Uehling

Smiling scientist in the valley

Grace Hardy
PI: Dung

scientist in herbarium lab

Alex Kurowski
PI: Liston

scientist smiling

Hayley Park
PI: Busby & Mundt

happy scientist in front of a forest

Brooklyn Richards
PI: Jones

happy scientist in agriculture field

Isabelle Stiver
PI: Halliday

scientist in front of plants

Brent Warneke
PI: Pscheidt

happy scientist in the forest wearing rainbow glasses

Kassondra Watson
PI: Behrenfeld

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A graphic showing Populus tree fungal data across the continental US

New paper in Nature Microbiology explores fungal biodiversity of Populus trees across United States

A collaborative project between Posy Busby and the Peay Lab at Stanford University explores above- and belowground fungal biodiversity of...

Honey bee boxes. Photo: OSU

Oregon State researchers lead $4.2 million USDA grant to study disease plaguing honey bees

“It’s an enigmatic disease. We understand the basics, but we don’t know why this disease flares up some years and then goes down,” said project...

Biological and Physical Sciences

NASA Selects 11 Space Biology Research Projects to Inform Biological Research During Future Lunar Exploration Missions

NASA announces the award of eleven grants or cooperative agreements for exciting new Space Biology research that will advance NASA’s...